TV Programme

Tommorrow Is Now

Genre: Duration: Episodes:
Family TV Series 30 Mins
Season 1(14 episodes),
Season 2 (26 episodes)
Season 3

Seasons 1 & 2

This is an entertaining and educational half hour children's TV Drama. It showcases the life and attributes of an adoring young school teacher who uses her God given inner strength
to help solve problems of the pupils that she teaches.

In the light of low level quality of children's programme on most television stations in the nation, and due to high demand for an entertaining children's programme by the public, hence, the birth of this captivating drama series.

Produced by: Nurudeen Abiola

Directed by: Niji Akanni & Tunde Olaoye

Season 3

Moyo and Tessy look like a happy young couple as Tessy is pregnant with their first child. The stress of home chores makes Moyo's mum to come stay with the couple but the relationship between Tessy and Moyo's mum begins to threaten the seeming Peace and tranquillity in the house.

Moyo's mum decided to leave but he brings in a young boy from the village, Zikky. Zikky is an orphan who lives within the neighbourhood of Moyo's mum in the village. Zikky begins to live with the couple as he also attends school. Moyo Likes him so much but Tessy complains about him at the slightest mistake.

Tessy gives birth to a baby girl, Tola, Moyo dies in an accident on Tola's naming ceremony day. Tessy is distraught, her mum begins to live with her, then Zikky's life becomes a nightmare as there is no Moyo to save him from maltreatment. Tessy and her mum give him constant hell. At some point, Zikky runs out of the house and nowhere to be found. Moyo's mum begins to put pressure on Tessy to find Zikky as she also gets pressure from Zikky's relative in the village, after an unsuccessful attempt, Tessy's mum advises that they use money to settle the issue.They did and the search ceases.

Meanwhile Zikky has grown up on the street, becomes a savvy yahoo boy as internet fraudsters are called in Nigeria, he is a big boy in the University studying computer engineering, Tola is also in same school, Tola falls in love with Zikky. Their relationship blossoms until Zikky discovers that Tola is Tessy's daughter. Revenge took over him .......

Tola reunites with her family and they all learn the lessons to be kind even to strangers because tomorrow is so close.

Written by: Tunde Olaoye 2018

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