TV Programme


Duration: 30 Minutes
Episodes: 26


Kajola is a Yoruba situational comedy (SITCOM) tv drama series satirizing what happens in families and the society at large. It is characterized by Alabi and his lovely family

Alabi lost his job as an administrator in one of the liquidated banks and as a results, he kept starting new and different menial jobs to support his wife, Aduke who has been sponsoring the family with the little profits from her small scale business. After different failed attempts on several businesses, Alabi was introduced to an empowerment program whereby the government was training people in vocational courses. Alabi and his friend applied for the course, after graduation, their lives changed.

Alabi's family, neighbour, friends and relatives will be used to comically interpret various issues that happen in the society, sensitize people and make viewers laugh while they learn

Produced By: Nurudeen Abiola
Directed By: Nurudeen Abiola & Okiki Afolayan

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