TV Programme


Genre: Health Talk Show (Magazine)
Target Audience: Family, Mothers
Duration: 30 Mins


Mothercare TV show is a maternal and infant health programme. This episode format guide seeks to shed light on the new multi -segmented format of the show

Mothercare health show structure includes :

An in - studio free consultation experience "Moment With Doctor"

An injection of a series of documentary style mini Video inserts that take the viewer through:
i. a first introduction to a health issue or ailment i.e. The Feature Story
ii. to a report from the streets on prevalence numbers and personal experiences i.e. Vox-pop
iii. And finally a guest Doctor joining the show's Host for a discussion on possible treatments etc

The new format also includes objective viewer direction towards leading pharmaceutical and health product manufacturers , their products and CSR projects in both segments like Care Brands and Health for All and also during the shows strategically placed TV Commercial slot.

And a necessary infusion of social media feedback giving a voice to the viewer.

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