TV Programme


Genre: TV Drama Series
Duration: 30 Minutes


Choices is a family planning tragic and educational TV series written and produced to correct family ills in the society.

It invoices taking care of one's family and the result of wrong child upbringing, it also speaks volume about child bearing as Baba Rofia a generator repairer who loss his wife during the child birth of the twelfth child.

Paul an igbo man doesn't believe in a girl child education because he thinks they are not as useful as the male child. His mindset changed when the boys he trusted so much was arrested by the Police for drug peddling. Rahman, an hausa man wanted to give out his 13year old daughter in marriage to an old friend but for the intervention of his close friend Musa.

Tunde is an health inspector, but his wife is unfaithful to the point that her daughter poisoned her mother and herself for showing her the wrong path. Baba, an herbalist is the link between the herbal and orthodox medicine.

The story shows different strokes for different folks that well planned families enjoyed the benefits of planning their families very well, while the ones not well planned ended up tragically.

Written, Produced & Directed By:Verni Remi

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